Sylvain Azam

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I build my painting repertoire with a dialectic approach.
This method allows me to articulate two kinds of visual effects: some create illusions and others are concrete.
I often obtain the first ones with an airbrush, by working mainly with my eyes, with a distance between the canvas and me.
I create the other effects with a direct contact to the surface of the painting, using my hands or a brush, a stencil or adhesive tapes, some tools that work as extensions of the body and put it in motion.
By doing so, I create an interval between the image and myself.
I see this interval as a space to live rather than a distance to be covered.
Actually, I do not wish to feel a gap between my work and myself, a hiatus to fill in.
I prefer to discover each time the way to inhabit a space that would become mine.
Sylvain Azam began his art training at the Villa Arson in 2003.
Then he attended the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris (P2F Workshop) in 2007 and graduated in 2009.
His work has been supported by the Eric Mircher Gallery, where the artist set up a solo exhibition (2013), after the 57th Salon de Montrouge (2012).
The Terra Foundation for American Art offered him the opportunity to share ideas and practice with american fellows during the Summer Residency (2014).
Sylvain Azam's work is part of the city of Pantin’s public collection and gallerist Thaddaeus Ropac’s collection, amongst others.
For the last ten years, abstract painting has been his main field of experimentation because it offers a great porosity towards reality and other media of contemporary art.
He is now experimenting digital printing toward the pictural field, challenging with form and information.
The latest works can be seen at ISBA Besançon, at La Couleuvre - Saint-Ouen, and at the MASC museum, Sable d'Olonne, France (2015)